Lessons From The Death Of Ebony Reigns

Lessons From The Death Of Ebony Reigns

9th February will always be a day of remembrance and recognition. Not only that but also a wicked day as well. It was a day a known artist affectionately called Ebony met her untimely and premature death in a fatal accident. How wicked this day is! Her fans thought they could bring her back but realised they were just building castles in the air. People are spending much time giving false information about her and how her death occurred.

Prophets have come out claiming God had revealed to them before the incident, that Ebony had a short life. Hahahahahaha. But why not then but now? Other prophets are also saying that they can resurrect her so for that matter they shouldn’t put her in the Morgue. Isn’t it funny my readers? Resurrecting a deceased! If they could resurrect her, why didn’t they tell her earlier not to travel since prevention is better than cure. Maybe God has spoken to them. On the other hand, people are lambasting the ‘poor’ young girl who is no more a living thing. It was like a mumbo jumbo to me when I heard people lambasting her. For me, I have learnt a lot from her death since memories of the dead is a warning to the living. I want to share with you maybe it can also help you.

“When Job heard this, he got up, tore his clothes and shaved his head to show his sadness. Then he fell to the ground to bow down before God and said, when I was born into this world, I was naked and had nothing. When I die and leave this world, I will be naked and have nothing. The LORD gives and the LORD takes away. Praise the name of the LORD!” Job1:20-21. Ebony’s death is simply telling us that we came to this world naked and so we must return naked. Ebony had a lot of flashy cars and clothings but where are they now? They are there whilst Ebony is also naked somewhere. Hmmmmm.Very sad.

Also we must learn that God gives and he takes away. He gave and He has taken away. Brothers and sisters, let us not love materialistic things too much since we will one day leave them behind. Rather, let us love God and live in Him for he knows better.

Another lesson we should learn from her death is that money cannot buy everything. You are rich whilst your fellow is poor so you disdain them. You are wrong to do that. I will always say that it is only ‘fools’ who will think money can buy everything. Ebony was rich and could buy everything in abundance but could she buy her life from death? She could pay everything to death to spare her life but it wasn’t possible. Money therefore cannot pay for everything so be humble.

Death is inevitable. This is another lesson we should learn from the death of Ebony. If it were you, where would you go? Everybody, irrespective of their sex, race, reputation, colour and many others can die at anytime. The poor can die at anytime so as the rich. The young can also die so as the aged. I therefore urge everybody to believe in God and live in Him so that they will not regret if they pass away.

Train a tree when it is young is another lesson we can learn from the death of Ebony. Ebony was a young girl whose dressing alone could portray her as a bad girl from different perspectives. Her death has revealed that it was not out of fame that she dressed like that. Rather, she used to dress like that even when she was a child. People from their myopic thought would indirectly insult her parents but my advice to all parents is to train their children when they are young since charity begins at home.

Another lesson is that what an old person can sit and see from the sky, a child cannot even jump and see and for that matter there is more wisdom in the grey hair. It is believed that her mother had warned her not to travel at that night but Ebony didn’t listen. If Ebony had listened to her mother, this wouldn’t have happened. Children, respect the aged for they know better than us. ‘The stubborn nature of the fly makes it follows the corpse into the grave.

Be used to chastisements is another lesson we can learn from her death. Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill would tell you not to throw stones at all dogs that bark. People critiqued Ebony a lot but because he who has made up his mind to cross the river does not care of getting wet, Ebony turned a deaf ear to them. If Ebony had listened to them, she wouldn’t have been famous. Let us therefore not listen to chastisers.

Also, use your God given talent is a lesson we can learn from her death. The fallacy implanted in the minds of most Ghanaians is that education is the only key to success but Ebony has made us known that it is not true. Ebony was a student but when she was able to identify her talent, she gave much attention to it which made you and me to know her. This also made her to earn much. I therefore tell all my readers and everybody to invest in their talents.

The river that forgets its source soon, dries up. This is yet another lesson we can learn from her death. Even though many people would say she had a secret behind her success, her talent was given by God. Ebony didn’t regard her source by not giving much attention to God. If she had worshipped God and given much of her time to Him, God would have saved her. Be a staunch christian and give much of your time to your creator who is the source of success.

Ebony as you were affectionately called, Ghanaians really love you and would have saved you if they could. I know death is inevitable but how yours occurred is very sad. I never thought you would be a cavader this early. Rest in perfect peace sister Ebony! Rest in perfect peace best friend!!

Rest in perfect peace mother!!! Rest in perfect peace love one!!!!May God forgive you your sins and accept you as His child. Sister Ebony you have made 9th February a wicked and an unforgettable day. Ghanaians are indeed in a pool of dirge, lugubrious and a state of melancholy. To the bereaved family, take heart because God knows whatever he does. Rest in perfect peace Ms Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng-Ebony. Even though you are dead and gone, you will always be remembered


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