Citi FM’s HeritageCaravan Day 4: Patrons tour Mole Park, Laribanga Mosque

Citi FM's HeritageCaravan Day 4: Patrons tour Mole Park, Laribanga Mosque

On the fourth day of Citi FM’s Heritage Caravan, patrons had the rare opportunity of taking a safari ride and seeing very huge elephants at the Mole National Park in the Northern Region.

39201830605 heritage11

39201830606 heritage10

Patrons saw these elephants right at the time they were feasting on the fresh grass around one of the biggest ponds beneath the Zaina Lodge at the park.

39201830606 heritage

39201830607 heritage12

Other elephants were also spotted in the pond.

39201830607 heritage5

One of the highlights at the park was the wonderful ride in the safari vans which gave a good view of antelopes, monkeys, birds and other animals.

39201830608 heritage6

Patrons who couldn’t hold their excitement, described the moment as thrilling, awesome, fascinating and naturally beautiful.

39201830609 heritage26

39201830609 heritage2

39201830610 heritage3

From the Mole National Park, the Heritage Caravan went to the Laribanga Mosque, Northern Region.

39201830610 heritage9


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