Can Peanut Cause Acne Breakout?

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Here’s why peanuts might be negatively affecting your skin:

Typically, I’m guessing here, the way you eat “peanuts” is more through peanut butter, than anything else.

This is problematic because when peanuts are processed into peanut butter, they lose basically all and any healing properties they may have had in them, and a ton of artificial sugars get added in instead.

As a result, eating peanut butter can spike your blood sugar quite significantly, which is no bueno.

Peanuts also contain agglutinin which can seriously and negatively impact your tum.

Agglutinin is a fancy word for a peanut protein (a lectin) that can seriously disrupt your digestion.

In fact, it can even aggravate your stomach so much that it creates tiny holes in the lining of your tummy (think like, microscopic little tears) which allows food items directly into your blood stream.

This is bad news, you do NOT want food, or anything really, to enter your blood stream this way, so it can be very detrimental to your skin.

When this happens, it can result in “leaky gut” – have you every heard of it before? – which basically means your stomach lining is compromised and you can’t absorb foods the way you should. (Also, should I write a blog post on this…? Let me know in the comments below.)

Peanuts may also contain aflotoxins. When I first read about aflotoxins in a book on how to heal your acne naturally, I was horrified.

Aflotoxin is a toxin created by mold; it’s found often in the soil of corn crops, along with peanut butter, and the presence of it relates back to the growing, processing and storage of peanuts.

A lot more precautions are being taken around this mold, but considering that the peanut butter is already potentially hurting your belly and giving you some leaky gut, think of how aflotoxins could impact the mix?!

So, peanuts (and peanut butter) can significantly and negatively impact your blood sugar, they can significantly and negatively impact your digestion because they contain a potentially irritating protein, and they may contain a harmful toxin.

So…. yes, they may negatively impact your skin.

If you think peanuts might be hurting your acne, and/or making your breakouts worse, don’t worry. I’ve included some steps you can take at the bottom of this article, so we’ll head there after I give you my 2 favorite alternatives to peanut butter.


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